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Refund Policy

You can cancel our Services anytime by calling us on the toll free number or by email [email protected] , Our policy may include a refund but some restrictions may apply based on what membership you opted while signing up.

Please note that once you contat us for the cancellation you agree to authorise us to stop your membership that may put a STOP to your identyti monitoring, your credit monitoring , your Antivirus Product , Your access to Credit Reports.

Contact us

If you didn;t like our services please call us at 1(855) 601-4168 or email [email protected] and we'll get to you with a confirmation.

  • Annual Memberships Refunds

    If you have paid us for an annual membership then you qualify for the 60 days Refund, please call us or email us ar [email protected] and we'll issue a refund for unused remaiming membership duration. Once you agree to Refund or Cancell your membership and you receive a refund , you agree that you will delete all copies of Software and Reports that you have downloaded. We may also disable the license to prevent further unaothorised use.

  • Monthly memberships Cancellations

    If you are a member paying us on a monthly basis then you can cancel the service so that you are not billed for the next month automaticaly but your services and protection will run for the remaining period of time. Please note that monthly members are NOT elligible for a Refund. Plase call us or email at [email protected] and we'll take care of the rest.